1. What does the XML Gateway Implementation include?
      Operating System
      Server Rack
      On-Site Support
      Software Licenses
      New Flows
      24 X 7 Phone Support

 2. What kind of Organizations can utilize the XML Gateway?
      Small Businesses
      Hotel Chains
      Large Businesses
      Private Buisinesses
      Government Agencies
      Medium Businesses
      Anyone with Data

 3. Describe what the XML Gateway is:

 4. What Databases does the XML Gateway support?
      Microsoft Sql Server
      Microsoft Access
      My SQL
      Any Database

 5. How many Flows can the XML Gateway support?
      1 - 5
      6 - 10
      11 - 15
      16 - 20
      More than 20

 6. Can the XML Gateway be implemented with an existing Node?

 7. Does the XML Gateway support Web Services?

 8. What Features does the XML Gateway include?
      Flow Management
      New Flows
      Flow Transaction Details
      Email Forwarding
      Client Query

 9. How long does it take to Install the XML Gateway at a new Customer?

 10. Prioritize these items in order of importance from 1 - 6:
       Customer Relations
       Price of XML Gateway
       Finding New Prospects
       Support of Installed Node
       Sale of New Node
       Installationof Node

 11. What Items are likely to Invalidate a potential Sale:
      Type of Database
      Type of Operating System
      Number of Flows already Implemented
      Already working with another Vendor
      Number of Employees supporting their Node
 12. What should be most important to a Prospective Customer: Prioritize from 1 - 6:
       Quality of the XML Gateway
       Cost of the Xml Gateway
       Time to Production with New Flows
       Features of the XML Gateway
       Ease of Installation ans Support
       Support of the XML Gateway

 13. How many XML Gateway Nodes do you think you can sell in a year?
      1 - 5
      6 - 10
      11 - 15
      16 - 20
      21 - 25
      26 - 30
      More than 30

 14. What specific tools and support do you need to meet the number of sales identified above?